Prabhat K Gupta

Chief Scientist & Head, Analytical Chemistry

National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

Prabhat K. Gupta, scientist G, has 32 years of R&D experience at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

He leads the Chemical Metrology activity in the Analytical Chemistry group (SASD-7.01.04) at NPL since 2003. He is a national member designate, Consultative Committee on Quantity of Matter (CCQM) of CIPM at BIPM Paris France; Member, Technical Committee on Quantity of Matter (TCQM) of Asia Pacific Metrology Program (APMP) regional metrology organization; Council Member, International cooperation on traceability in analytical chemistry (CITAC) and Coding Member, COMAR to update the international database of CRMs. He is the chairman of BIS CHD-6 gas committee since 2009.

He has published ~110 papers in SCI Journal (40 national, 70 International) and >100 in Conference Proceedings; 9 contribution to Books, 17 in Technical brochures/ Reports. He has guided 6 Ph.D. students (2JNU, 2TU, 1JI, 1DTU), apart from 3 M.Tech. students.

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His current research interests involved, as nodal coordinator since 11th FYP period, the metrology in chemistry (MiC) and certified reference materials (CRM) activities for realizing SI 'mole', through MiC, at NPL to help provide traceability at apex level in country in such measurements through a nationwide network of MiC partners, mostly CSIR labs under NWP-45 project 'advances in metrology' and in 12th FYP MISTIQUE_ChemBell, in various sectors impacting quality of life and international trade; started building capacity & quality system and participation in CCQM & APMP international key-comparisons and helped establishing international collaborations with PTB Germany.

Helping showcase NPL-CSIR & its would be designated partners' chemical metrology services as Indian NMI; interaction and close cooperation with national (BIS, NABL, QCI, CPCB, IMD, ICAR, MoEF, ISRO-GBP, Universities and DST) & international (BIPM-CCQM-APMP, CITAC, ISO, PTB/BAM Germany, NIST USA, NIMT, NMISA etc) stakeholders for traceability, quality data and spreading awareness/ education. He has been working for new challenges in NPL & its partners in MiC & CRM activities, because of its tremendous scope touching all aspects of life like energy, health, environment, food security, drinking water, trade, and societal sectors.

He carried out 1st nation-wide methane campaign during 1991 (with Dr. Mitra), participated in the 8th Indian scientific expedition to Antarctica in 1988-89 and INDOEX program from 1996 to 1999. Led studies for trace-gases/ aerosol, from different sources like bio-mass burning (shifting cultivation, agriculture residues, fuel woods etc.) & transport sector; aerosols & precursor gases (viz. CO, NO2, SO2 etc.), GHG inventory & budget estimates. He organized Asian training course in 1993 & 1995, and coordinated the 'Methane Asia Campaign 1998-99 (MAC-98) and was involved in the activities related to the preparation of India’s initial national communication (NATCOM) to the UN framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) for four NATCOM projects (Rice cultivation, Livestock, Agricultural soils and agricultural residue burning) and nationwide N2O & CH4 measurement campaign during 2001-2006. Two NATCOM-SNC projects have been done as PI for providing measurement traceability in GHGs to all NATCOM teams in all sectors including a PT program for NABL.